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Next FIRCAP Meeting:
  • - North America: September 6-7, 2018 in Austin, Texas (USA)

The Fiduciary Investors Roundtable For Collaboration & Partnerships (FIRCAP) is an independent, not-for profit and invitation-only platform designed to catalyse collaboration between senior investment executives and strategic advisors of:

  1. Asset owners that do not currently have sufficient in-house resources to invest directly on their own and see the need to work with peers to innovate how they access private market investments. FIRCAP works with asset owners that are interested in discussing with peers how they may develop the internal capabilities required to better collaborate by:
    1. Sharing investment strategies, best practices and expertise to take better advantage of their advantages as long-term investors and improve the efficiency of their investment activity, particularly in private markets;
    2. Pooling their resources and networks to explore innovative investment models or specific investment opportunities;
    3. Developing innovative investment vehicles suited to their strategies or specific constraints of scale or governance; or
    4. Where relevant, sharing experience and advice on how to build the institutional and human resources capacity to manage assets in-house.
  2. b. Asset owners with strong in-house investment teams and a long-term investment horizon that are seeking creative ways to attract aligned capital from like-minded peers. FIRCAP assists this coming together by supporting or establishing investment platforms on friendlier or better-aligned terms than those generally offered by the asset management market. FIRCAP facilitates high-level, direct and confidential discussions with the primary objective of increasing long-term risk-adjusted returns for such asset owners and other fiduciary investors.

FIRCAP Participants

Participation is strictly limited to those institutions and individuals identified below:

  1. Eligible institutions: institutional asset owners (pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, etc.) that are interested in exploring new investment models and new ways of collaborating with peers. The FIRCAP is not open to investors whose mandate involves managing a significant proportion of assets for third parties.
  2. Eligible participants: senior investment executives (senior staff with 'signing authority') of eligible institutions, their plan sponsors, or their consultants and strategic advisors.
  3. Eligible observers: senior executives from external managers may participate in individual FIRCAP meetings when relevant to specific subjects proposed for discussion by eligible participants. Their attendance is on the basis that they can contribute their expertise and resources to achieve the objectives defined by a fiduciary investor participant of FIRCAP. Marketing activities are not permitted.

Past participants of FIRCAP meetings include senior investment professionals from the following organizations: Aviva Pension Fund (UK), BBC Pension Fund (UK), Black Coral Capital (USA), BIMCOR (Canada), British Airways Pension Investment Management (UK), British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (Canada), Brunel Pension Partnership (UK), CAAT Pension Plan (Canada), Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (Canada), California State Teachers Retirement System (USA), Canada Post Pension Plan (Canada), Desjardins Group Pension Fund (Canada), Employees Retirement System of Texas (USA), Fire and Police Pension Association of Colorado (USA), Fonditel Pension Fund (Spain), HSBC Pension Fund (UK), Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (Ireland), London Pension Fund Authority (UK), Montepio Loreto (Spain), National Bank Pension Plan (Canada), New York City Comptroller’s Office (USA), OMERS (Canada), Ontario Pension Board (Canada), OPTrust (Canada), Pensions Infrastructure Platform (UK), Railpen Investment Management (UK), Royal Mail Pension Plan (UK), Saskatchewan Healthcare Employees Pension Plan (Canada), SUN Group (India), Surrey County Council Pension Fund (UK), Texas Municipal Retirement System (USA), TIAA (USA), University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation (Canada), Wafra (Kuwait), World Bank Treasury (USA).


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