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June 19-21 2018, Quebec City (Canada)

The IIR is a community of over 40 leading global institutional investors, who come together to collaborate on private market investments. Community membership is restricted to senior investment executives from eligible pension funds, sovereign funds, government reserve funds, endowments and other long term asset owners.

In support of its ongoing work streams on specific topics, the IIR community meets twice annually for direct, confidential, peer-to-peer discussions. The agendas for these discussions are investor-focused and investor-sourced, with peers discussing capacity building and tangible collaboration opportunities in both plenary and break-out sessions. Between meetings, the IIR also supports a range of collaboration initiatives prioritized by the IIR participants.

In effect, the IIR acts as an additional source of resources to help institutional investors initiate, implement and improve innovative collaboration on private markets investing. Numerous concrete collaborations have resulted from discussions hosted by the IIR.

The IIR is supported by an executive based in Quebec City (Canada) and London (UK), and has its corporate headquarters in Paris (France). The IIR Executive also draws on the expertise of several senior advisors from academia, industry and the broader investment world.

IIR Participants

The IIR is an inclusive community and is, in principle, open to all interested and like-minded institutional asset owners who accept the IIR's rules of engagement. However, because the platform is designed for organizations with the desire and potential to actively collaborate with like-minded peers on private market investing, participation is strictly limited to those institutions and individuals identified below:

  1. Like-minded Institutional Investors: institutional asset owners (pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, government reserve funds, endowments and other long term asset owners) from all major economies that are willing and able to invest both directly and indirectly in private markets, and that are interested in exploring new investment models and new ways of collaborating with other major investors. 'Private markets' refers to investments in assets whose prices and terms are negotiated rather than set by trading on public securities exchanges. The IIR is not open to investors whose mandate significantly involves managing assets for third parties.
  2. IIR Representatives: senior executives and other decision-makers who are in charge of investment decisions at a strategic level, including CEOs, CIOs, heads of alternative investments, heads of infrastructure investments, heads of private-equity, etc. Generally speaking this means senior staff with 'signing authority'.