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About the QCC

Founded in 2003, QCC is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support private investment activities producing societal benefit by identifying and addressing structural inefficiencies in the market place. QCC delivers this mission by creating and supporting action-oriented communities of aligned stakeholders ('QCC forums'), each of which is designed to solve industry gaps.

We currently support three QCC Forums:

  1. The Institutional Investors Roundtable (IIR)
  2. The Fiduciary Investors Roundtable for Collaboration and Partnerships (FIRCAP)
  3. The Tech Innovation Platform (TIP)

In addition to these forums, QCC also hosts the annual QCC Conference, a private, not-for-profit event alternating between Quebec City and Toronto, aiming to strengthen the Canadian and international private market investment ecosystem by helping leading asset managers to foster relationships of trust with international asset owners through pre-meeting interviews and communications.

QCC is supported by the Governments of Canada, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, by Quebec City, and by private sponsors, including Business Development Bank of Canada, Investissement Québec, Deloitte and National Bank of Canada.

Meet the team

Christian Racicot

Founder and CEO

Christian Racicot is the Co-founder and CEO of QCC, President of the Fiduciary Investors Roundtable for Collaboration & Partnerships (FIRCAP) and Co-president of the Tech Innovation Platform (TIP) Leadership Roundtable. He is also the Founder and CEO of the Institutional Investors Roundtable (IIR).

Tom Rotherham-Winqvist

Vice President

Tom Rotherham-Winqvist is Vice-President of QCC and the Institutional Investors Roundtable (IIR) and Co-president of the Fiduciary Investors Roundtable for Collaboration & Partnerships (FIRCAP). Tom works closely with the CEO on all aspects of QCC and the IIR, including strategic initiatives and meeting content.

Gilles Duruflé

Executive Vice President

Gilles Duruflé is presently Executive Vice President of the QCC, President of the TIP Ecosystem Building Forum and Co-president of the TIP Leadership Roundtable. He is also an independent consultant advising venture capital and private equity funds, institutional investors and governments.

Graeme Johnson

Vice President

Graeme Johnson acts as an advisor regarding substantial private equity opportunities and is a Vice President, with responsibility for assisting with the overall organization.

Ashby Monk

Special Advisor to the CEO

Ashby Monk is Director of the Global Projects Centre at Stanford University. A leading international expert on pension and sovereign funds, he helped to establish the IIR as its Head of Content. Ashby provides advice to the CEO of QCC on a broad range of issues, but is most actively involved in the IIR.