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Next TIP Meeting: April 04, 2018 - Omni King Edward Hotel, Toronto (Canada)

Produced in partnership with Startup Genome

The Tech Innovation Platform (TIP) is an independent, not-for-profit and by-invitation only international meeting. Its mission is to convene the main stakeholder groups of Tech Innovation Ecosystems (governments, investors, corporations, and universities and research centers) in order to address challenges that these ecosystems are facing and accelerate their development.

The 2018 TIP will focus on the “scale-up challenge” and policies and initiatives to address it, both from the supply side (supply of capital) and the demand side (more “ecosystemic” approaches to support the growth of tech companies).

This topic is a high priority for every economy. This creates an excellent opportunity to compare and contrast the various situations, learn from one another, bridge supply side and demand side initiatives and foster collaboration among stakeholder groups to address the issue.

Participants will include international leaders coming from the following types of organizations, stakeholders and initiatives:

  • Public Policy designers
  • Development banks in charge of implementing public policies;
  • Large international VC funds that are the cornerstones of many scale-up companies;
  • Leading local funds which have as their objective the scaling up of their portfolio companies;
  • Alternative sources of financing that play an increasing role in this field: crossover funds, private equity funds, institutional investors;
  • Initiatives designed to address the management/capacity issue;
  • Initiatives designed to foster collaboration between start-ups and corporations and accelerate access to market:
    • At the firm level: hubs, zones
    • At the strategic or industry level: clusters;
  • Corporations involved in these initiatives;
  • Successful scale-up entrepreneurs who have scaled-up locally or internationally;
  • Sources of Long Term Capital interested in emerging large opportunities.
TIP is the successor to the Public Policy Forum on Venture Capital and Innovation (“PPF”) that was created in 2007. It is supported by the federal and provincial governments in Canada and several public and private partners.